Finishing a Quilt – The Binding

Binding a quilt seems hard but it’s actually pretty easy.  My method requires some hand sewing but I think it creates a more finished look. These instructions assume that you have already quilted together your layers of quilt top, quilt back and batting.  I also assume that your quilt top is squared and that you’ve […]

Freezer Paper Applique

I like to use the freezer paper method for my applique work.  Here is how I do it. Use regular grocery store freezer paper.  It’s waxy on one side with white paper on the other.  You should be able to find it at larger grocery stores and mass retailers.  White is best because you can […]

December Table Runner – Christmas Time

It’s my opinion that you can’t have too many holiday decorations.  Table runners are no exceptions – every surface in my home would be covered in red and green if I could manage it. We live in an Eichler so we try to embrace mid-century modern design.  When you have a silver tinsel Christmas tree […]

November Table Runner

I know, I’m not meeting my goal of creating a new table runner every month.  I feel so guilty. But I am proud to have finished my November project (almost) on time. I kept it simple this month.  I really love this gold and black fabric and I wanted a pattern that would show off […]

October Table Runner – Part 1

Of course October’s quilt will have a Halloween theme.  To start, I gathered together all of my orange and black fabrics.  I decided to keep it simple and stick with just two colors this month. It turns out that I have a lot of orange fabric.  Who knew? I am cutting out triangles with my […]

September Table Runner – Finished!

New Year’s Resolution part 1 accomplished!  Just 11 to go…. My September table runner is finished.  I laid out the log cabin blocks so the warm fabrics formed diamonds. Although the log cabin blocks were more time consuming than I expected I’m really happy with the results. I had a lot of short 1.5″ strips left […]

September Table Runner – Part 1

For September’s table runner I started with an inspiration fabric: I love the retro colors in the fabric.  They feel like fall but are a bit unexpected. I decided to make log cabin blocks.  My blocks will be 7″ square and my finished quilt will be 14″ x 70″.  Once the squares are finished I’ll […]