Meyer Lemons

Hurray!  November is the beginning of Meyer lemon season.  We have two small trees in our garden that produce a surprising amount of fruit.  By spring we’ll be swimming in homemade limoncello and marmalade.  I’ll share some of my favorite recipes throughout lemon season. I learned that we’ve been harvesting our lemons too soon; here […]

Fuyu Persimmons

There are two types of people out there – those that like persimmon and those that don’t.  When it comes to fresh persimmon, I’m on the “don’t like” side.  This is problem since we have a lovely and bountiful Fuyu persimmon tree in our backyard. Cooked persimmons are a different story.  When gently cooked, Fuyu […]

CSA Overload

or My Fridge Runneth Over I love our weekly CSA veggie box but there are some many weeks where we can’t consume everything.  I can’t stand the guilt of seeing something spoil so I’ve gotten proactive.  Within a few days of getting a new box I try to preserve a few items. The trick with […]

Welcome to Farmer in the Vale!

Hi.  My name is Linda.  I live and work in Silicon Valley California. My “farm” is actually my suburban backyard.  My yard contains fruit trees and vegetable beds, but no animals (yet). In this blog I intend to share recipes, gardening tips, and cookbook reviews.  I also hope to share the occasional garden or kitchen […]