Meyer Lemons

Hurray!  November is the beginning of Meyer lemon season.  We have two small trees in our garden that produce a surprising amount of fruit.  By spring we’ll be swimming in homemade limoncello and marmalade.  I’ll share some of my favorite recipes throughout lemon season.

When life gives you lemons drink limoncello

I learned that we’ve been harvesting our lemons too soon; here is some great information on how to know when your Meyer lemons are ripe.

All of our citrus trees looked a bit sad this year with dry yellow leaves.  We consulted the experts at our local garden center.  It turns out that we planted the trees too deep – citrus trees like to have the top of their roots exposed.  We removed about an inch of soil from the base of the trees and increased our watering from once to twice per month.  It worked!  It only took a few weeks for us to see improvements and all of our trees look healthy and happy a few months later.