Baking Conversion Chart

I wanted a baking conversion chart that was pretty enough to display in my kitchen.  I think this chalkboard design compliments my shabby-chic  stainless steel frame nicely. Is shabby-chic still a thing? Or should I call it distressed? Weathered? A shiny perfect frame would not blend in to my well loved (distressed? weathered?) kitchen. Click […]

Binge Watching – Downton Abbey

It’s baaaaaack!  Is everyone excited for Downton Abbey’s new season this Sunday? It’s my (not so) secret dream to be exactly like the Dowager Countess when I’m an old lady.  My husband is not too excited about that but, true to character, I’m not giving him a say in the matter. Last year I developed […]

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014. I hope your new year is full of good luck and happiness.  Heck, I hope my new year is also full of those things! I’m going to celebrate with something fizzy.  Of course you can drink the stuff straight, but why not add something fruity and fun?  Here are a few […]

Summer Magic

What do you get when you combine 2 bored kids, a rope and some sticks? Magic. We adults thought the rope was for climbing gym-class style.  The kids had other ideas. The lower stick was for standing or sitting.  The upper stick was for grasping.  A variety of configurations were tested before the right one […]

Gift Ideas for Mixologists

Do you have a mad bartender in your circle of friends and family?  Here are some gift ideas that should pay you back in cocktails for years to come. Fun with Chemistry I haven’t tried this out yet, but doesn’t it look like fun?  This $80 molecular gastronomy kit includes ingredients and recipes.  Cue thunderclaps […]

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I love silly little gifts.  Stocking stuffers are best when they are goofy but they should be practical too.  Here are a few fun stocking stuffer ideas. Cocktail Bitters Perfect for cocktail lovers.  The more unusual the better. Challenge the bartender in your family to find a use for chocolate bitters.  Yum! Truffle Oil or […]