Favorite Canning and Condiment Recipes

Jams, pickles and preserves, oh my!  Mason jars are a cook’s best friend.

Refrigerator Pickled Peppers

Here are a few of my go to recipes for sauces, rubs and more.

Basic Pickling Liquid

Bourbon Molasses Cranberry Sauce

Candied Orange Peel

Cider Vinaigrette

Dry Curry Spice Mix


Onion Jam

Passion Fruit Curd

Persimmon and Cranberry Sauce

Persimmon Caramel Sauce with Bourbon

Persimmon Relish

Persimmon Syrup

Pepper Jelly

Pickled Peppers

Pomegranate Molasses

Real Scotch Butterscotch

Refrigerator Dill Pickles

Smokey Pork Rub

Spiked Cider Sauce

Triple Ginger Cranberry Sauce

Warm Persimmon Compote

Pepper Jelly