Favorite Canning and Condiment Recipes

Jams, pickles and preserves, oh my!  Mason jars are a cook’s best friend. Here are a few of my go to recipes for sauces, rubs and more. Basic Pickling Liquid Bourbon Molasses Cranberry Sauce Candied Orange Peel Cider Vinaigrette Dry Curry Spice Mix Limoncello Onion Jam Passion Fruit Curd Persimmon and Cranberry Sauce Persimmon Caramel […]

Passion Fruit Curd

A Huge Batch of Passion Fruit Curd In my opinion passion fruit curd is a thousand times better than lemon curd.  It has the same pucker with a tropical note added.  It tastes a bit like mango pudding. I put passion fruit curd in between macarons.  It also makes a decadent breakfast spread for waffles […]

Onion Jam

I made this recipe up one Thanksgiving when I needed something to go with my smoked duck livers.  To my surprise it was a hit and it’s requested every year. This jam also pairs nicely with sharp cheddar cheese.  Leftovers can be used as the base for a sauce or marinade. For this recipe you’ll need […]

Countdown to Christmas – Pepper Jelly

This is one of my all time favorite canning recipes!  Pepper jelly is wonderful on a cracker with sharp cheddar cheese.  And a jar of pepper jelly is a great homemade gift. The recipe is here. This year I’m planning to print labels for all my homemade goodies using free printables from Snapfish.*  Check them out, they […]

Great Recipes for Fuyu Persimmons

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade.  When life gives you persimmons it’s not that easy. Our backyard tree has reached full size and we have a wicked huge pile of persimmons sitting on the kitchen counter.  You know it’s a problem when I slip back into my New England accent. Here are a […]