Frozen Berry Mousse

These little frozen bursts of berry mousse are a surprising topping on a fruit salad or a slice of sponge cake. This recipe uses a cream whipper. Prepare berry mousse according to the recipe.  Line a baking tray with wax paper.  Using a star shaped decorating tip create stars of mouse about 2″ in diameter […]

Berry Mousse

This recipe uses a whipper to create a light and airy mousse.  Mousse sounds much better than foam, doesn’t it? This is a modified version of the raspberry espuma recipe included in the Siphon R-Evolution recipe booklet.  My version streamlines a few steps and adds a hint of sweetness. For this recipe you’ll need 3 […]

Fun With Foam

I gave my husband these cool molecular gastronomy kits for Christmas. This weekend we got our foam on with the whipper. The kit includes a cream whipper with 3 decorative tips, N2O catridges, gelatin, agar-agar, xanthan gum and a recipe book.  I paid around $80 for the kit.  I thought the price was pretty reasonable […]

My Recipe Book

Wow, there sure are a lot of people posting new and creative recipes out there! I’ve been struggling to figure out how my blog can be interesting and useful amid such creativity and craziness. It occurred to me that the best recipes are the ones that you make time and time again. They are the […]

Favorite Canning and Condiment Recipes

Jams, pickles and preserves, oh my!  Mason jars are a cook’s best friend. Here are a few of my go to recipes for sauces, rubs and more. Basic Pickling Liquid Bourbon Molasses Cranberry Sauce Candied Orange Peel Cider Vinaigrette Dry Curry Spice Mix Limoncello Onion Jam Passion Fruit Curd Persimmon and Cranberry Sauce Persimmon Caramel […]

Cocktail Favorites

Is it so surprising that I’ve collected a lot of cocktail recipes? CLASSICS Gin and Tonic Gin Martini Limoncello Manhattan Vodka Martini MODERN UPDATES California Manhattan Lemon Martini Nihombashi Cocktail – Persimmon Manhattan Passion Fruit Champagne Cocktail Persimmon Bellini Persimmon Bourbon Cooler Pomegranate Molasses Champagne Cocktail NON-ALCOHOLIC Persimmon Spritzer Enjoy!

Breakfast Favorites

To be honest breakfast is not a meal I spend a lot of time on. But for those rare special breakfasts, here are a few of my favorite recipes. Gravlax with Cream Cheese and Bagels Persimmon Bellini Poached Egg with Truffle Toast Soft Boiled Eggs Warm Persimmon Compote over French Toast Enjoy!

My Favorite Desserts

This is a long, long list.  I always offer to bring dessert to a party and I’ve gathered a collection of praise-worthy recipes. Like the main course, I think dessert is a place where you can go completely crazy.  The key is to use great ingredients (no low fat substitutions please) and to make sure […]

Main Course Favorites

I love the main course.  You can go completely overboard and, regardless of the results, everyone will gush about what an amazing cook you are.  Of course this assumes you’ve done your job as hostess and everyone is blitzed on cocktails and/or homebrew. These are a few of my favorite things. Grilled Pork with Persimmon […]

My Favorite Salads and Sides

Our weekly CSA delivery has forced me to become creative with veggies.  Many of my favorite salads and sides are simple ways to use us all those veggies.  But a few are old favorites that I count on for parties and family dinners.  Celery Root Puree – seems fancy but it’s super easy and really […]