What Does the Fox Say?

I’ve been singing this song all day.

I’m working on a new red & white quilt.  This is my first attempt at designing an applique quilt so I have my fingers crossed that it will turn out OK!  

I’m entering this design into a Red & White Quilt Design Challenge on SewCalGal.  Check out the link to see all the entries and learn more about the challenge.

To begin I made a rough sketch.

Fox Quilt - First Sketch

My next step was to create a full size drawing.  By drawing the head, body and tail on different sheets of paper I could play with proportions and placement.  My revised drawing had a larger head and different tail position from my original.

Fox Quilt - First Full Sized Sketch

My plan is to use a fun pattern in the belly and tail.  The border will be a thin strip of irregular stripes surrounded by a strip of a medium-scale pattern.

To finish up the concept I created a third sketch showing the entire design in color.

Fox Quilt - Color Sketch

I’m not sure what I’m going to do next.  I might try to import the design into Illustrator and turn it into a “real” pattern.  Or if I’m feeling lazy I might just trace all the applique pieces onto freezer paper and start sewing.

I estimate my finished quilt to measure around 25″x30″.  I’ll need about a yard each of white and red fabrics for the background and body/binding.  Another yard is needed for the white patterned border.  Plus I’ll need 4 fat quarters of assorted patterns for the appliqué accents and the pieced border.

There’s a bit of an empty space in the upper right corner of my design.  I’m not sure how I will fill it yet.  Perhaps I should figure out what the fox says.  Suggestions?

Happy quilting!

5 thoughts on “What Does the Fox Say?

  1. What a cute design. I really think this could become a very popular quilt pattern if you want to officially create a pattern for it. At a minimum, I hope you Make It! but I really do think this design would sell and would love to see you take your design to market it! I think the fox says “Great job!”


    • Thanks for the encouragement! I’m definitely going to make the quilt. I’ll consider making a pattern too.

  2. Very cute and oh so lovely! Hope you have fun sewing this up – I look forward to seeing it further down the track!

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