This year I made a resolution to use up some of the fabric in my stash. Now that September is here I thought I should get started.

Yikes!  Too much fabric!

Yikes! Too much fabric!

As you can see, I have a lot of fabric! I took a 10 year break from quilting so my fabrics are a wee bit dated. What to do?


… Introducing ….

Table Runner of the Month

I set a few rules for myself:

  • Create a new table runner every month.  Table runners are an easily managed size, but they are large enough to use a decent amount of fabric.
  • Use only fabric from my stash.  The only purchases allowed are thread and batting.
  • No fabric is off limits.  I am not allowed to set aside fabrics I love.  If I don’t use them now, I’ll probably never use them.  The same goes for those ugly fabrics.  I’m challenging myself to find a way to make those fabrics work.
  • Have fun.  I love the design process so every runner will be an original design.  I’ll use this project as an excuse to play with patterns I’ve always wanted to try.
  • Keep it simple.  The project must be easy enough to finish in a day or two.  OK, reality check,  in a week or two.  I have a day job!

Do you think I’ll make it?  I finished my September project and October is already underway.  Check back to see my progress.