Getting Scrap Done

I took a break from hand quilting to clean up my scrap pile. A few weeks ago I sorted through my stash and pulled out any scraps that were smaller than 6″x6″.  Anything smaller than 2.5″ was thrown away unless it was a longish strip at least 1.5″ wide. I decided to stick with squares […]


To keep or not to keep? My monthly quilting extravaganza is generating a lot of scraps.  At first I didn’t feel bad about throwing the scraps away since I’m trying to GET RID of fabric, thank you very much. But then I started reading on the interweb.  Nothing good can come of that, right?  First […]

November Table Runner

I know, I’m not meeting my goal of creating a new table runner every month.  I feel so guilty. But I am proud to have finished my November project (almost) on time. I kept it simple this month.  I really love this gold and black fabric and I wanted a pattern that would show off […]