Sierra Nevada Brewery

We just returned from a great weekend at Lassen National Park.  On the way to the park, we stopped at the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico. Visiting breweries is an activity close to my heart.  I think my family toured every Budweiser brewery on the east cost when I was a child.  At least it […]

Mr. Pepper Pants

or, Look What I Found at Target Curse you Target!  Why is it that I always buy more than I need from your store? I found a great salt and pepper set while wandering through the store last weekend. Take off his pants if you need pepper! Best of all, these shakers match my much […]

Welcome to Farmer in the Vale!

Hi.  My name is Linda.  I live and work in Silicon Valley California. My “farm” is actually my suburban backyard.  My yard contains fruit trees and vegetable beds, but no animals (yet). In this blog I intend to share recipes, gardening tips, and cookbook reviews.  I also hope to share the occasional garden or kitchen […]