Main Course Favorites

I love the main course.  You can go completely overboard and, regardless of the results, everyone will gush about what an amazing cook you are.  Of course this assumes you’ve done your job as hostess and everyone is blitzed on cocktails and/or homebrew. These are a few of my favorite things. Grilled Pork with Persimmon […]

My Favorite Salads and Sides

Our weekly CSA delivery has forced me to become creative with veggies.  Many of my favorite salads and sides are simple ways to use us all those veggies.  But a few are old favorites that I count on for parties and family dinners.  Celery Root Puree – seems fancy but it’s super easy and really […]

Baking Favorites

My only rule about baking it that the results must be worth the calories.  If it’s not amazing it’s not worth it. Here are some of my favorite recipes. BARS Brownies Passion Fruit Squares CAKES Persimmon and Pomegranate Upside Down Cake COOKIES Crunchy Oatmeal Chip Cookies with Dried Fruit and Nuts Rustic Lemon Macarons Triple […]

My Favorite Appetizer Recipes

In my opinion appetizers should be easy to put together.  I tend to go overboard on the main course and dessert so I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the starters. These are my go to recipes for parties and family gatherings. Figs with Blue Cheese and Honey – A late summer […]

Couscous Salad Southwest Style

This is my favorite salad to bring to a summer potluck.  It tastes great (of course), holds up well in the heat and serves a ton of people.  By the end of each summer I suspect my family and friends are sick to death of this salad but that’s just too bad for them! I […]

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014. I hope your new year is full of good luck and happiness.  Heck, I hope my new year is also full of those things! I’m going to celebrate with something fizzy.  Of course you can drink the stuff straight, but why not add something fruity and fun?  Here are a few […]


The Manhattan is one of my favorite winter cocktails.  This cocktail is only worth making with good ingredients otherwise it will taste like cheap booze. If you serve Manhattans at your gathering I guarantee your guests will be in the mood to party! For this recipe you’ll need: 1 1/2 ounces bourbon or rye whiskey […]

Passion Fruit Curd

A Huge Batch of Passion Fruit Curd In my opinion passion fruit curd is a thousand times better than lemon curd.  It has the same pucker with a tropical note added.  It tastes a bit like mango pudding. I put passion fruit curd in between macarons.  It also makes a decadent breakfast spread for waffles […]

Real Scotch Butterscotch

At dinner parties I get special requests for this dessert sauce.  I’m pretty sure I could leave my spouse at home and no-one would care as long as I bring the sauce. I like to use a really assertive Scotch for this recipe.  I have a bottle of Laphroig 10 year old Scotch that is […]