Lamb Curry

I’ve stopped buying curry powders and pastes.  I got tired of discovering 5-year-old half-used packages of curry paste at the back of my fridge.  It’s pretty easy to make your own and (bonus for wimps like me) you can control the heat level. This recipe is not exactly a Thai red curry but it contains […]

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

This ice cream is awesome!  I hate to brag but I think it’s my best ice cream recipe yet.  The chocolate is really rich, the peppermint has punch and the marshmallows are big and chewy.  A garnish of crushed peppermints adds an extra little crunch.  2 cups heavy cream 1 cup whole milk 2 ounces […]

Spiked Cider Sauce

This tart sauce can be made with supermarket cider – you don’t need to purchase the expensive stuff from the farmer’s market.  I’ve even had good results using already spiced cider (in that case I didn’t add additional the spices called for in this recipe). Pour this sauce over ice cream or dunk with something […]

Winter Salad

This easy winter salad is beautiful enough for a dinner party yet simple enough for a week night dinner. All of these ingredients can be easily found at the supermarket in the dead of winter. For the salad you’ll need: 1 medium squash, such as butternut or acorn 2 tablespoons olive oil salt & pepper […]